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Discipline Procedure

Discipline Procedure

The Laurel Little League Board of Directors retains the sole authority to determine what, if any, disciplinary action is appropriate for any conduct infraction.    The goal of all disciplinary actions is to permanently correct the misconduct and to maintain the integrity and good standing of Laurel Little League.



Reports of violations of the Code of Conduct should be submitted in writing to the Discipline Committee.  The Discipline Committee may also find it necessary to intercede without invitation in any situation that it feels is not being addressed or handled properly.  It is suggested that all ejections be reviewed by the Discipline Committee.


Discipline Committee

In order to review cases of misconduct, a Discipline Committee will be formed with preferably five individuals from the Board of Directors (a minimum of three required).   Preferred members of discipline committee will be the following board roles:

·         VP of Baseball or Softball

·         Player Agent

·         Umpire in Chief

·         Majors Coordinator (optional)

·         Safety Officer (optional)

If a conflict of interest or other situation that makes one of these people unavailable arises, another board member may take their place, with emphasis on experience and understanding of Little League rules as the most important factor.

The Discipline Committee will be responsible for the following:

·         Provide clear feedback to the subject of discipline on what part of the code of conduct was not followed.

·         Clearly communicate the potential consequences of these actions to accused.

·         Gather statements from all relevant parties involved (coaches, umpires, players, parents, etc.)

·         Provide Board of Directors all gathered information and provide feedback on suggested punishment.

·         Take vote from board if punishment includes suspension or removal beyond the mandatory rules described by Little League.

Career Infractions

In review of any case of misconduct, a review of previous misconduct and discipline will be taken into consideration.  It is strongly suggested that if a history of misconduct is apparent that discipline

Potential Disciplines

Disciplinary action for parents/guardians, guests, managers/coaches, or players levied by the LLL Board of Directors or Discipline Committee could include, but is not limited to the following:

·         Verbal Warning

·         Written Warning

·         Suspension for games

·         Season suspension including postseason (All Stars & TOC)

·         Removal from all league activities

·         Expelled from the league


A written appeal of the punishment can be submitted to the Disciplinary committee within 24 hours of notice of suspension. The written appeal must be submitted by the accused or legal guardian. The Disciplinary Committee has 48 hours of receipt of the appeal to respond with their decision on the appeal.



For all suspended individuals (Managers, Coaches, Parents, Players and Spectators, of all ages) you are not allowed at the game site, which includes Laurel Little League game sites and District game sites, in any capacity or to any other Little League activities during your suspension or life time ban.


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